Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's Make It Count!

For those that may not know, Robin was diagnosed with Stage 1 Ovarian Cancer in July 2010. After completing six rounds of chemo Robin was considered cancer free in November 2010. A short time later Robin received a new diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She has bravely fought this horrible disease for the past year. Sadly she has recently received news that the chemotherapy isn’t working anymore and that the cancer has spread. Despite this bad news, Robin hasn’t given up her love of life or her wonderful sense of humor.

The loves of Robin’s life are her three children. The oldest, Scottie, 21, is a volunteer firefighter at the New Market Firehouse in Piscataway and works for Comcast full time. Zack, 19, recently transferred to Middlesex Community college and is working locally so he could be close to his mom. Morgan, 17, is a junior at Piscataway High School and just recently received her drivers permit.

A fund has been set up for her children. If you can make a donation, any amount would be greatly appreciated! Checks can be made out to the "Robin L. Lane Trust". Please email for information on where to send your donations.

We ask that you please keep Robin and her family in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. All good wishes are appreciated and definitely felt from all those around her. If you would like to leave Robin a message directly, please leave your comments below and they will be shared with her and her family.

Thank you for all your support!


Amish Kalyani said...

Robin - my love goes out to you and your family. I only worked with you briefly but in that time I found you were a genuine and caring person. That is rare these days. You are definitely in my thoughts.

Alan Bush said...

Hi Rob,
You made me feel welcome when I joined VMU and have been a good friend over the years. There is an irreplaceable void in the office when you're not there and the 4th floor is much too quiet.
For all you've been through, you've stayed courageous and maintained such an amazing attitude. Keep up the fight!

Morgan, Zack and Scottie,
You have an awesome Mom who loves you more than anything. Continue to support each other and keep making Mom proud.

The Bush family has you in our thoughts and prayers.

Nicole McGlynn said...

Sending you much love to you and your family. You are greatly missed here in the office and I so miss our office gossip sessions and your infectious laugh. You are in my constant thoughts and prayers -Nicole McGlynn

DQ said...


Thank God for your courage and your luminous smile.
You and your family are in my prayers.


Research Guru said...

I can vividly recall my first meeting with Robin on the fourth floor...that time too like numerous times in the future I was begging her to approve stuff for me while I waited ... not once did she let me down....over time we formed our own relationship ... it was hard not to given her amazing warmth and humor. My thoughts and prayers to her children...RIP Robin u will be missed....

Tracy Lehman said...


I have not seen you in a long time...But when we met so many years ago at VMU - we clicked...always complaining about our "ROOTS" Roots...your vibrant RED and my highlights!!! lol

You carried me through some dark days there...and I want you to know how much I appreciated all of your support.

Your family already knows how special you are - But I want you and your family to know how you have touched so many lives with your smile and wit. You were always very caring and compassionate towards others ...and damn we always had a GREAT laugh!!!

So I will see you on the other side - I hope they have my hair color!!! lol :)

You are a blessing to us all~

Love you,
Tracy Lehman

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